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A much-anticipated event , Baseus 2016 new collection release press comes soon
2016-08-23 15:32:13

Today Baseus releases new iPhone and Smartphone peripheral products in the new product in Guangzhou White Swan Hotel. The release guests are invited privately. They attend as VIP with rich dress. The event is conducted under warm atmosphere. Such the high quality new products attract eyeballs on site, and celebrate the brand 10th anniversary grandly.

2016 is the 10th anniversary of Baseus. Themed at "Make you one step ahead", the release makes perfect interpretation on its ten-year experience in accessories aesthetics, as well as absorbed enterprising idea for ever. Depending on attention and perseverance on every detail over past ten years Baseus leads the fashion in every reform.

As the new generation of iPhone is released, it is unique that Baseus selects White Swan Hotel with strong historical and cultural heritage as the release venue. The on-site environment is elegant and amazing. Through French windows, cruises gently fluctuate on rippling lake, lake in the distance, lade-side buildings make the city vivid, as if original fine art works, being continuously touched by discussions...

This is a release about the new transformation and upgrades of product. Baseus, CEO CU who positions himself as a product expert, proposes a new product concept: B +, namely design + innovation + quality + speed + brand communication. He advocates designing products with a more open mind, paying balanced attentions on beautiful appearance and practicality, as well as the perfect combination between every detail and body.

The release shows a number of new products applicable to various senses: on-road, home and offices. Such products make technological breakthrough and can be integrated into the consciousness of people. They are characterized by rational design and ineffable appreciation, highly praised by guests. It is just the most perfect recognition on design concept of new products.

By 2016, Baseus has gone through a decade of ups and downs, and it has upgraded into a successful brand over the past ten years. The release is a summary ceremony for achievements made during the past decade, but also an opening ceremony for the next decade.Baseus sincerely invites you to witness its success in the next decade, as if a beautiful white swan dancing trippingly.